Hardscape refers to hard landscape materials in the built environment structures that are incorporated into a landscape.
This can include paved areas, driveways, retaining walls, sleeper walls, stairs, walkways, and any other landscaping made up of hard wearing materials such as wood, stone, and concrete.

Outdoor Cooking

Speranza Landscaping can design and install a beautiful and effective outdoor cooking station with  a custom built in grill.
We take care of this complete process including the gas and electric hookups.


Our patio designs are the perfect alternative to standard decks, and require little to no maintenance. Designs can be multiple leveled, and incorporate planters to accommodate any lot condition.


Speranza Landscaping specializes in brick paver construction. Our stylish brick pavers can be designed for use in walkways, patios and driveways. Designs can be inlayed, and multiple colors and shapes can be used to define and coordinate your paving. The look of distinction that pavers add to any home or business is undeniable. Color, texture and architectural style can be achieved with limitless shapes and colors of concrete and clay pavers.

In fact, people are so often attracted to the look of pavers, they forget the functional benefits of this material. We are ICPI certified and install paver walks, drives and patios to strict manufacturers’ specifications. This ensures a solid paved area that withstands breaking, shifting, cracking and chipping.

Retaining Walls

Residential and commercial retaining walls are another one of our specialties. Our landscaping professionals can use a variety of materials including brick, stone, and concrete to shape and retain any building condition.


Unlike poured concrete or asphalt, paver walkways are gaining in popularity as a way to enhance the value and appeal of your home.
The biggest advantage of choosing paving stones over traditional concrete or asphalt is that if a repair ever becomes necessary, stained or broken pavers can be replaced easily, without leaving ugly patches or scars.
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