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Why Hydro Seed?

Hydro seed Overview

Hydro–what? What in the world is hydro seeding? You’ve probably seen it but didn’t know what to call it. If you’ve ever seen what looks like fuzzy green paint along the side of a road or surrounding a new building, you’ve seen hydro seeding.

Hydro seeding Process

But what does it do? Hydro seed machines mix together seed, water, fertilizer, tackifier (glue), and green wood fiber mulch to create slurry. The slurry is sprayed on the ground with a high-pressure hose, which helps it to reach all kinds of terrain, like slopes, that may be difficult to reach. When slurry dries, it creates a crust over the ground, protecting the area from erosion. The crust protects the seeds from being washed away in the rain or eaten by birds.

Fast Growing Grass

More importantly, the seeds are in constant contact with water and fertilizer, which helps them to sprout quickly and grow strong and healthy. The seeds are spread evenly and held in place, creating good coverage. A hydro seeded area typically has a good stand of grass in 2-3 weeks. All of these attributes have made hydro seed popular choice.

Hydro seed for existing lawns

The great thing about hydro seed is that it is not just for new lawns. Hydro seed can be used to renovate or over seed an existing lawn as well. Homeowners who are not happy with their existing lawn can simply cut the grass short and hydro seed sprayed right over existing lawn. It will fill in weak spots and create a healthier overall lawn.

The Benefit


An Area that has been hydro seeded and properly watered will start to grow in 7 days. Under normal Conditions, the new lawn will be established in 3-4 weeks.


Purchasing sod is expensive, even if you Know how to lay it yourself, If you can’t lay it yourself, the labor charges make sod extremely expensive. Hydro seed will cost 70%-80% less than sod and give you and equally beautiful lawn.


Hydro seeded grass starts out in the soil you place it in- it is not subjected to transplant shock that can occur when your soil is different from the original soil the sod was grown in. Sod is also subject to drying out during transport. Hydro seeded lawns grow in healthy and full to crowd out weeds and resist disease.


Have you ever seen a sodded lawn with seams showing? Or watched a hand-seeded lawn grow in patchy and sparse? And what about slopes? Hydro seed creates an evenly covered area that forms a crust to hold seed in place and retain water and fertilizer. The result is a full, lush lawn.

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